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Vaidya Sri Karukullathu Kunjunni Nair

Vaidya Sri Karukullathu Kunjunni Nair from Venmaenadu, Guruvayur, Thrissur district, Kerala was a visionary physician and philanthropist. He was widely known for his knowledge of Jyothisha and Mantra Sastra which he applied in his treatments. He was also known for his holistic healing. Vaidya Sri Kunjunni Nair specialized in Bala Chikitsa (Paediatrics) and Manasika cikitsa (Neurological cases like epilepsy etc). His skill and treatment methodology was recognized throughout Kerala. He had a flourishing practice in Puvathoor. His special medicinal formulations for treatment of various paediatric cases led to his success and he also authored several books on this subject. Apart from being a vaidya he was also an active participant in India's freedom struggle; he established a school for the poor and needy in Venmaenadu. Vaidya Kunjunni Nair passed on the mantle to his son Sri. Kariyat Sankunni Nair.

Vaidya Sri Kariyat Sankunni Nair

Under the disciplined tutelage of his father, Vaidya Sri Kariyat Sankunni Nair mastered the three disciplines "Ayurveda, Jyothisha & Mantra Sastram". He applied the knowledge of all the three branches while treating patients. He strongly believed that treatment of body (Yukthi vyapashraya) alone was not sufficient in order to get permanent relief from the disease and he gave prime importance to treatment of the mind (Satvavajaya) and soul (Daiva vyapashraya). This methodology is rarely followed, since it is challenging and daunting task both for the Vaidya and the patient. However, the results obtained through such treatment were long lasting and ensured 100% cure from the disease.

Dr. Ayyappan Kariyat

A scion from the illustrious family mentioned above- Dr. Ayyappan Kariyat is an extraordinary person. Dr Ayyappan's experience in Ayurveda is vast. For some time he served as a lecturer and physician at The Venkataramana Ayurveda College, Chennai. He retired as Senior Medical Superintendent from India's largest manufacturer of indigenous medicines, IMPCOPS, Chennai. After retirement he established Sreehareeyam Ayurveda along with his son Dr.Sudheer in 2011. He specializes in managing diabetes and its complications, liver cum digestive disorders and male infertility. He is a multi-faceted personality- a renowned Ayurvedic scholar, academician, an able practitioner, a successful writer and a genuine philanthropist all at the same time. Dr. Kariyat is also a well known writer; he has translated the Tamil manuscript THIRUKURRAL into Malayalam Language. He has done a lot of research in Narayaneeyam and compiled Narayaneeya Sahasranama.

Dr. A. Sudheer

Following the footsteps of his ancestors and keeping up the tradition of being a vaidya Dr. Sudheer started his career under the auspices of Dr. P.L.T Girija of Sanjeevani Ayurveda and yoga centre after his BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) from The Venkataramana Ayurveda College- the oldest institute of Ayurveda in India. She trained him on the applicability of Ayurveda in the current scenario. To further sharpen his clinical skills he proceeded to get trained under the tutelage of the eminent Sri Vaidyamadam Rishikumaran Namboodiri, Mezhathur- one of the 'Ashta vaidya' of Kerala.

Dr. Sudheer's way of treatment is more in the steps of his grandfather Dr. Sankunni Nair. His accurate diagnosis and counselling ensures that the patient is relieved from the disease completely. He specialises in managing Paediatrics and Food Allergy. He has good experience in handling disorders of the heart and skin diseases. His innate patience has gained him good repute and is his greatest plus.

He is the chief consultant at Sreehareeyam Ayurveda that he started with his father in 2011.

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